Chart Toppers Around The World – Fiji Edition

Chart Toppers Around the World – Fiji
This week at our meeting for the show it was suggested that I go to Fiji for my chart
toppers around the world.
I’m taking that literally, I’d love to jump on a plane and go to Fiji because it is an
awesome place. At least, I’ve heard it is. I was listening to a Anthony Robbins
recording and some Fijians were in the background singing. Robbins described the
people are welcoming and happy and the surroundings as one of the most beautiful
places in the world.
Many people around the globe love Fiji water. I did a little research and found it took a
Canadian businessman named David Gilmour to found Fiji Water under the name of
Natural Waters of Viti Ltd. In 1996. Now everybody is drinking it.
On the Fiji iTunes Top 40 songs, number one is “Mile Ho Tum (Reprise)” by Neha
Kakkar and Tony Kakkar. Listen to this and imagine yourself drinking a cool
beverage in a Fijian resort without a care in the world!
Here’s the link to the youtube of the song:
Have fun on your trip around the world!
Phillip Sparks