Issue No. 193 Billy Hayes

Issue No. 193
Sunday July 23, 2017

Our Featured Guest

BILLY HAYES, author of the bestselling Turkish prison memoir “Midnight Express” is our special guest this Sunday night!
BILLY has been writing, acting, and directing since his bestseller “Midnight Express” was published in 1976. The memoir about his arrest and time in Turkish prisons was quickly adapted into the Academy Award-winning motion picture released in 1978. He followed up with two sequel books, “Midnight Return,” about his experiences after escaping, and “Letters from a Turkish Prison–1970-1975.”
In 2010 the British TV series “Locked Up Abroad” gave BILLY a chance to retell his story in his own words in interviews as well as theatrical re-enactment. The overwhelming response to this program attracted producer Barbara Ligeti, who developed and premiered “Riding the Midnight Express with Billy Hayes” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013. Since then the show has played Off-Broadway in New York twice, London, Edinburgh, Melbourne and Beirut as well as other American cities. Additional international engagements are being planned. The documentary, “Midnight Return-the Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey,” has recently screened at the Santa Barbara, Newport Beach and Cannes Film Festival.
Hear our live interview with BILLY HAYES this Sunday evening!

Also Dropping By…

Also dropping by the show Sunday night is writer/author, IAN GURVITZ, who has just come out with his latest book, “FREAK-OUT: THE 2016 ELECTION AND THE DAWN OF THE AMERICAN DEMOCALYPSE” (July 2017).   FREAK OUT is part political diatribe, part primal scream. According to IAN, “The 2016 election was a test of our national character, and we failed…. Sixty-three million people voted for Trump. Ultimately, we weren’t screwed. We, the people, screwed ourselves.”
For several years, IAN has been giving his take on the idiocy in American political life and our dumbed down culture whether it be in essays for The Huffington Post and ATTN.COM or in previous books like “Deconstructing God — A Heretic’s Case For Religion.”
IAN has produced over 300 episodes of television on shows such as “Wings,” “Becker,” “The Wonder Years,” “Get a Life,” and “Frasier,” along with creating three shows that went to series. Between staff jobs, he’s had studio term deals at New World/Tri-Star, NBC Studios, and Paramount.

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